Can I Put A Bathroom In A Cellar In Nyc?


Section 12-10 of the Zoning Resolution (“ZR”) allows a cellar to contain accessory spaces not used for dwelling purposes. A bathroom is generally not considered a habitable room.


However, subject to the review and acceptance of the borough commissioner (or his or her designee), a cellar in a one or two-family dwelling may contain a full bathroom with a lavatory, a water closet and a shower or bathtub (“three-fixture bathroom”) that complies with the requirements of this bulletin.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you have a bathroom in a cellar?

If you are looking to create a bathroom in your converted cellar then a wet room could work very well. A wet room, which has no shower tray but allows water to drain at floor level, provides a simple yet stylish shower room and is ideal where space is limited.

Are basement kitchens legal in NYC?

Basements and cellars in residential properties of all sizes can NEVER be lawfully rented or occupied unless the conditions meet the minimum requirements for light, air, sanitation and egress, and have received approval by the Department of Buildings (DOB).

What do you need to know about basement and cellar?

The room complies with the requirements of the Housing Maintenance Code for rooms not located in the cellar or basement, e.g., minimum room size. The walls, as high as ground level, must be damp- and water-proofed if HPD determines that subsoil conditions on the lot require it.

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