Can I Power Wash Exterior Windows?


Pressure washing is a popular way to clean windows, but can cause major damage if you don’t know what you’re doing. It can shatter glass all over the place. … The dangers of pressure washing windows come from: High pressure water: A PSI of over 2,000 is too high and can easily cause damage.


Pressure/power washing is a very good technique to clean home exteriors. If done correctly, it could make your house look shiny and new. However, using this method on windows could be a bit tricky, as windows are delicate and prone to scratches and shattering. This HomeQuicks guide explains the best way to power--wash windows.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What PSI should I use to clean windows?

Cracking the glass or loosening the wood putty are the biggest dangers when using a pressure washer to clean your windows. To avoid that, you should use no more than 2,000psi on your pressure washer. If you can set it to about 1,500 psi, that would be even better.

Can a pressure washer be used to clean windows?

Can You Pressure Wash Windows? (Guide To Properly Washing It) Pressure washing is a fast and easy way to clean the exterior of your house. Since it is so simple and effective, a lot of people wonder if it’s possible to clean windows with a high pressure washer as well. A pressure washer with a wand can make it particularly easy-to-reach ...

Is it OK to pressure wash window sills?

Pressure washing can easily damage paint or wood surfaces. If your window frames and sills are made of wood or have paint that is cracked or peeling, you will probably damage them with pressure washing. You will need low pressure to safely wash your windows. Your washer needs to be able to produce pressures below 2000 psi.

Is it safe to pressure wash vinyl windows?

Many experts would advise against pressure washing windows at all, but new vinyl windows are safe and easy to clean with a pressure washer, provided you use low pressure and keep the spray head at a distance and angle to the glass.

Is it safe to wash windows by hand?

Here’s everything you need to know. The Pros Don’t Do It. Most cleaning professionals do not pressure wash windows, but instead do it by hand. Hand washing windows is safer for the window, preventing pressure that may damage the glass and water leaks that may get inside the seal.

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