Can I Fertilize My Palm Trees Through Landscape Fabric?


Landscape fabric can be a great help in keeping down the weed population and helping the soil hold onto its moisture, but it can also make it harder when it is time to fertilize your plants. … If you have landscape fabric, you can still care for your plants.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use landscape fabric around trees?

Landscape fabric prevents any organic material from working its way into the soil and it could also assist in girdling the tree. If you want to suppress weeds, see: “8. Trees want nature's debris.”

Is landscape fabric bad for plants?

Landscape fabric inhibits water from getting to the roots of your plants. With fabric, plants are forced to grow roots along the surface directly under the fabric to get water. Plants will struggle and many will eventually die, 2.

Does fertilizer go through mulch?

A. You can apply a granular fertilizer on top of the mulch. ... Or you can apply a liquid fertilizer on the foliage and the mulch. Follow package directions as to the amount and frequency.

Can landscape fabric kill plants?

Yes! Over time, landscape fabric can deteriorate, leaving holes that weeds grow through.

Is it good to fertilize palm trees with fertilizer?

Sandy soils drain very quickly, and vital nutrients drain away right along with the water. For this reason, it is not very effective to water in fertilizer when feeding a palm tree, as the plant’s roots won’t have adequate time to soak them up.

What's the best way to care for a palm tree?

Fertilizing is one of the most important aspects of palm tree care and growers should stick to a system that works for them. Salt test your soil in container plants if you see growth problems. Salts can build up easily in containers if you fertilize heavily and water infrequently (i.e. house plants).

What makes a good soil for a palm tree?

The most important factor in growing a healthy palm tree is good soil. The type of soil determines how much nutrients and water the plant receives. The best contribution you can make to your palm tree's soil is the addition of beneficial mycorrhizal fungi.

Is it OK to put steer manure on palm trees?

Don't put fertilizer directly in contact with the roots when repotting a container plant, especially if using a quick release fertilizer. Don't put steer manure into the hole when planting a palm. Too often the generated heat and solute concentration are damaging to the palms roots.

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