Can Craftsman Exterior Have Brick Courtyards?


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Frequently Asked Questions

Can a Craftsman house be brick?

Handcrafted stone and woodwork. Natural materials such as wood, stone and brick throughout. A grand fireplace, often a central feature of the living room. A practical, open floor plan with few hallways and small rooms that facilitate access from the kitchen to the rest of the house.

Do Craftsman houses have shutters?

Craftsman-style homes have experienced a resurgence because of their versatility and emphasis on quality. Although Shaker shutters are one of the most frequently used styles for Craftsman homes, this type of home works with virtually any shutter style.

What are great colors for exterior of a Craftsman home?

Typical Craftsman roof colors are natural brown, green and red. With a brown roof, ideas for traditional body colors are olive, dark green and russet or the lighter bungalow colors of the 1920s such as yellow, orange and sage green. With a green roof, work with brown, yellow and red body colors, both light and dark.

What is Craftsman style exterior?

The outside of any Craftsman home generally includes low pitched roofs, overhanging eaves, heavy, tapered columns, patterned window panes, along with a covered front porch. The colors of the exterior are reflective of nature. Think about muted earth tones, including brown, green, as well as taupe shades.

What kind of siding does a craftsman house have?

Many Craftsman-style homes, such as the one seen here, have stone foundations, porch posts, and conspicuous chimneys. Referencing Arts and Crafts styling, an exterior makeover rebuilt the porch columns and stone bases. Cedar clapboard siding and shingles add appeal.

What makes a Craftsman style house a craftsman?

The front- porch roofs of Craftsman-style homes are often supported by tapered square columns, as seen here. Brick along the base of the porch and an overhead lantern add interest to the facade. Exterior renovations to this Craftsman-style home focused on playing up the Arts and Crafts aesthetic, which favors clean lines and natural materials.

What kind of paint to use on Craftsman style house?

Play up Craftsman style with exterior paint colors that reflect shades seen in fields and forest. Craftsman-style homes look especially sophisticated in earth tones such as browns, grays, coppery reds, tans, and greens. Try mixing and matching these hues across your siding, trim, roof, front door, and porch furniture for an authentic look.

What kind of House is a Craftsman Bungalow?

Two-Story Craftsman Bungalow. This authentic two-story craftsman-style home features stickwork, tapered porch columns, exposed rafters, wide eaves, and decorative brackets. Although Craftsman homes are traditionally seen in darker tones, this home has been painted a light blue-gray for a fresh look.

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