Can A Motion Sensor On An Exterior Light Fail?


They also serve as outdoor security lights, helping protect your property against intruders or trespassers. While most motion sensor lights will perform dutifully when installed correctly, they can fail from time to time.


The motion sensor itself acts like an eye. When it detects movement, it activates the light fixture. When the motion sensor lens becomes obstructed, dirty or cloudy due to age, it will fail to work properly. Make sure the lens is clean and free of anything that could obstruct its view.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why has my outside sensor light stopped working?

To reset most motion detecting lights, shut off the power supply at the switch for at least 30 seconds, making sure there's no motion in front of the sensor during this time. Then turn the light back on and test it to ensure proper function.

What should I do if my motion detector light is not working?

This part will either need a replacement or it could simply be dirty. The motion sensor, which triggers the light, should be cleaned regularly to avoid it becoming clogged. You can also simply increase the sensitivity of the sensor, as this will solve the basic problem. Sometimes, the easiest repairs can solve major problems.

Can a motion sensor be added to an outdoor light fixture?

If you purchased lights that don’t have an attached motion sensor, don’t fret. It is possible to add motion to existing outdoor lights. Doing so is simple, in fact, you can even add motion detection without performing one ounce of wiring. Why Have an Outdoor Motion Sensor? There are several benefits to motion activated outdoor light fixtures.

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