Bathroom lighting: TOP-3 life-threatening mistakes

Continuing the theme of bathroom design from our previous post, it is necessary to consider such an important component as electrical wiring and electrical decor. “Chiaroscuro” provides a special mood to any interior, and in combination with the relaxing effect of water procedures, it can contribute to complete rest and healing of the nervous system.

Spa lovers often use aromatherapy candles as a primary or complementary lighting method, but the play of fire and chemicals (drops of shampoo, sprays, etc.) or textiles can end very badly, as in case with electricity. Therefore, when designing the electrical network in a bathroom, it is very important to comply with all safety rules. This will not only guarantee you a comfort, but also the absence of potential risks for life and health.

Below are TOP-3 bathroom wiring mistakes that can cause unpleasant incidents.


  1. Chandelier

Luxurious bathrooms (literally a room) from historical movies about royal life or trendy Led hanging panels can trigger desire to decorate your bathroom ceiling with similar elements. Everything is okay, but the connection of wires that transmit electricity directly to the light bulbs. Any failure, voltage drops or careless cleaning can violate the integrity of the protective layer of the dielectric, and this is fraught with the consequences we mentioned above.

Solution: No matter how strong is your desire to watch antique crystal or study the properties of “daylight”, give up this idea. It’s no exaggeration to say that this will save the life of yours and your households.

  1. Floor lamps

Not everyone will guess to do this, but the most creative designers or owners can put a floor lamp in the bathroom. It’s clear that it most likely lights up using a charge from the socket (with rare exceptions when the lamp is powered by a battery), so it’s extremely dangerous to use such a decoration element in a space with high humidity. Moreover, since they’re either shoerter or identical to human height, it makes potential risks even more real.

Solution: see 1st one.

  1. Sockets

Sockets in the bathroom of a house or apartment have become a trend not so long ago. A couple of decades ago, they could only be found in hotel rooms, well, or very rich mansions. As with the previous element, it’s better not to install them in the bathroom. Basically, why are they there? Just to blow dry your hair? Risking curls (at best), or being afraid of that, will not make you prettier. Take it to the bedroom or any other room in your home.

Solution: see 1st and 2nd ones.

Find your zen

The pursuit of novelties in interior design from glossy magazines or the Stories of a famous brand on Instagram sometimes turn to obsession. It worth to ask yourself when planning bathroom lightening: whether I need it, why it should take place here and whether it is convenient for me. A few simple questions and answers will help you to avoid so big problems.

Take care of yourself in the most intimate site of your home.

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