Bathroom decor: fancy or a new trend

Until recently, it was believed that the bathroom should contain a minimum number of items to comply with the rules of hygiene. Plus, not everything can be stored in a bathroom, even when it is perfectly clean. Plants do not withstand high temperature and humidity, wooden objects become moldy, metal ones – rusty. But all of this is in the past.

Nowadays, bathroom decoration is as much a necessity as interior or exterior design.

Let’s see how the aforementioned décor elements can become a great solution for creating a cozy atmosphere in the bathroom.


Perhaps, it’s the most practical bathroom design idea. A bright rug or curtains will immediately turn the space with white tiles into a place of rituals to purify the mind and body.

One important tip: the main thing you should look for while choosing textile items for bathroom is material. Curtains should be water resistant and the rug – non-slip. It is better if it is on a silicone base with a rough surface.

This category also includes jute and straw products. Wicker baskets will become not only a beautiful, but also a useful decoration element. They can function as an organizer for bath accessories, cosmetics, linen, cleaning products. This solution is especially useful for small spaces.


There is a widespread belief that plants do not withstand the conditions of the bathroom environment. But how do they grow in the tropics? There are three groups of plants that thrive even in these “hot” conditions: succulents, aloe vera and “water flowers” – lilies and orchids. They do not require any special care, it is enough to consult with a florist before buying or find information on the Internet.

One important tip: don’t choose the flowers with a specific smell that can cause headaches or allergies in your householders. Choose plants that are odorless or with a slight unobtrusive scent.

Paintings and antiques

A picture of a famous artist, a drawing of your kid, a sketch of a web-designer in a frame – all of  this can be an amazing addition to bathroom decor. If, while washing your face in the morning, or taking a shower in the evening, for a few seconds you are carrying away by the image, this can have the effect of a short stay in the museum – it helps you distract from routine and tune in to rest.

A rare toothbrush vase or soap dish will always remind you of a happy childhood, journey or dear person who presented this gift.

One important tip: do not use metal products without a protective surface. This will help to  prevent a rust.


Wood products, whether it is a stool or a wooden floor, bring a special atmosphere of comfort and warmth to the bathroom atmosphere. In addition, these décor elements are reminiscent of a Russian village bath or a luxury European spa. If you decide to make a bathroom out of a small room or stockroom, do not replace the wooden floors with tiles. And, of course, use wooden windows, stools and shelves as well. This will help to save your budget and create an incredible place in your home.

One important tip: here it is better to use a bath instead of a shower cabin to avoid premature deterioration of the floor.

What is the price of this beauty?

The idea is that you can use from the cheapest to the most expensive decor items for your bathroom. It all depends on your budget and desire to create beauty around you. Choose products that match your bathroom design, your tastes and your budget.

One important tip: Avoid using electrical products or make sure they are far enough away and well protected from water.

The bathroom is also a room, one of the rooms in your house. And it requires the same attention as all other parts of your space.

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