Balcony decoration: budget-friendly transformation

Apartment balconies have long been regarded as an integral part of the interior, and not just a warehouse or storage room. If you decide to equip it yourself, it will require minimal effort and cost from you. The balcony can be turned into a stylish corner in your own personal style. And to create the minimum comfort and necessary living conditions, you can use the very simple furniture and a few pieces of textiles.

It is possible to convert a balcony into any missing or desired room. This can be a comfortable workplace, a small kitchen, or a personal gym.

Let’s see all of these solutions’ ideas.


Equipping a workplace on the balcony is a great option for people who so lack a secluded corner in the house. It’s not required a lot of furniture here: a comfortable armchair or chair, a desk and several shelves for storage is enough. With a decorative rug like animal hide (real hide goes beyond budget-friendly niche), you can add a rich look to your office.

If you are a creative worker, then the computer and books can be replaced with hand-made accessories, artistic paints or a synthesizer. It all depends on your field of activity. Anyway, you can also replace or change the tools without renovation of a balcony room.

Important tip: put shelves and organizers as much as it can fit. Maybe you will want to turn from a white collar into an embroidery specialist, who knows.


Organizing a dining area on the balcony is ideal for apartments with a small area. Proper professional planning and arrangement of furniture will help you install and add everything you need in a small area.

Organizers for storing dishes, pillows and blankets will fit compactly in your new kitchen. For example, textiles can be folded into baskets under the sofa (if any) or table, and dishes can be placed on the shelves. On the top put pieces that are used rarely.

One important tip: don’t put furniture along the length of the balcony, arrange it along the width. This will help you to save a lot of space. Hire a competent plumber who can put your dishwasher, oven and sink in one place.

Personal gym

Gym does not require much space. The cardio area and dumbbell storage shelves can be accommodated even on a very small balcony. And installing a TV in the fitness area will give you the opportunity to train with music or your favorite TV show.

Depending on your sports preferences and physical characteristics, if you wish, you can place a treadmill, bicycle or barbell there. The proximity of the windows is ideal for implementation of this idea.

Another ideas?

In addition to these, there are many more ideas and options to equip a balcony or transform it into something else. The main thing is the right approach, understanding the capabilities of your apartments and the desire to do it yourself.

Sometimes you can use old textiles and other items in the interior of the balcony without redoing them, but with adding a couple of new touches. This way you will give them a second life. A balcony works best for this idea, as it will become a warm, cozy corner in your home.

Use flowers, animals (bird cages or fish aquariums), add lighting, and use fewer bulky items. By making balcony style different from whole interior design you can create recreation and party area. Balcony can be chosen for children’s room as well.

Last important tip: remember that a glazed balcony is always better than an open one. This way you can regulate bad weather, noise from neighbors and a highway.

Enjoy your small corner, doesn’t matter is it hard working place or romantic and relaxing area.

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