Are There Smaller Size Bathtubs For Small Bathrooms?


The tubs in very small bathrooms are often a few inches smaller in both width and length, but some homeowners with roomier alcoves still prefer to install these smaller tubs to allow for a larger surround that provides more space for bathing necessities. Smaller tubs are also an option in a children’s bathroom.


The standard tub size for an alcove fixture is 60 inches long, 32 inches wide, and 18 inches deep. Small alcove tubs are available for smaller bathrooms, which are anywhere from 48 to 55 inches in length. Long alcove tubs are best suited for large bathrooms and can have nearly a full extra foot in length when compared with a standard alcove tub.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the smallest sized bathtub?

The shortest freestanding tub is a mere 48 inches, or four feet long, and can work well for children's bathrooms or even for adults of average height.

Do they make smaller bathtubs?

A small bathtub typically measures less than 60 inches, but can still deliver plenty of room for sudsy fun or soothing soak sessions. The style of tub you choose, along with the depth of the tub, will be the biggest factors to consider as you begin shopping.

How small do bathtubs come?

Standard dimensions for drop in tubs are: 60 inches long(5ft), 30 inches wide (2.5ft) with a water depth of 16 inches (1.3ft). Small sizes start at 45 inches long (3.75 ft), 30 inches wide (2.5 ft) with 14 inches of water depth (1.16ft).

How big of a bathtub do you need for a small bathroom?

Shop a great range of small baths for the notoriously compact British bathroom. We supply 1500mm baths in acrylic and steel options, as well as 1600mm baths for when there's not quite enough room for a standard sized bath. If you're really tight on space, you can opt for a 1400mm bath.

Is there such a thing as a small bathtub?

This tiny tub proves even the smallest bathrooms can hold space for a good soak every now and then. While it is a clawfoot tub, it looks more modern than the typical version—making it a lovely fit for any bath. Melissa is a freelance writer who covers home decor, beauty, and fashion.

Can a freestanding bathtub work in a small bathroom?

Sleek and modern, a freestanding tub like this one from Wayfair can work in nearly any bathroom. It allows enough space for bath fizzies and epsom salt soaks, but its footprint keeps things compact and cozy. 4. Freestanding bathtub Awkward corners hold plenty of potential for bubble baths.

Can a white bathtub be used in a small bathroom?

You can make this elegant white corner bathtub sit in your bathroom. As you can see, its the bathtub that because of its size won’t require the long wall space that standard bathtubs do. 8. Onto by DURAVIT

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