Are There Bathrooms On Billy Goat Trail?


From here, the trail follows a long depression between two rocky ridges, then approaches a four-way junction at around 2/10 mile. Off to the right is the primary rock climbing area; to the left is a path leading back to the parking area and restrooms.


To get to the Billy Goat Trail in the Great Falls area in Montgomery County, Maryland, travel on Macarthur Boulevard and look for Old Angler’s Inn. Park across the road in one of the designated parking lots or on the street—do not park at Old Angler’s. Restrooms are located at the entrance to the C&O Canal Towpath.

Remain Safe on the Billy Goat Trail!

Exploring the Billy Goat Trail! DANGER

This Trail’s for the Goats: Billy Goat Trail Section A

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to do the Billy Goat Trail?

about two hoursThe 1.8-mile loop takes about two hours, plus time on the towpath each way. I like to stop and peer into the little pools amid the rocks, where you may see frogs, turtles, and even snakes.

How difficult is Billy Goat Trail?

This is a challenging but short technical hike with a bit of rock scrambling and a climb up a 50 ft rock wall. Billy Goat A is the only difficult trail within the C&O National park. B is also the only one through a protected area of the park (Bear Island) - therefore no pets are allowed.

Can you swim at the Billy Goat Trail?

There are over 400 emergency calls and rescues each year on the Billy Goat Trail. Wading and standing on rocks at the water's edge are extremely dangerous. One false step can have dire consequences. Fines of $200 or more may be charged for swimming in the Potomac River along the trail.

Is Billy Goat Trail Section C open?

Lovely trail with great views of the river and some short rock scrambles. Relatively flat. Trail in good condition and not too crowded. Section C is open during COVID times, but A and B are closed due to high water.

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