Are There Any Problems With Exterior Paint Inside?


Exterior paints often contain fungicides, UV-protective additives, and mildewcides. A higher volume of acrylics in the exterior paint could cause a lingering odor that may be unhealthy in enclosed areas. Bottom line, paints perform best when we use them as they’re intended.


Cracking, clumping and flaking are common problems with both exterior and interior paint and can strike a variety of surfaces including wood, plaster, and so on.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How good is interior exterior paint?

Although the short answer is yes, it's not recommended. Interior paint isn't designed to withstand rain, snow, wind, UV, mildew, or temperature extremes. It has less pigment and binding resins than outdoor paints, and the finish is too porous .

Is interior or exterior paint more expensive?

Homeowners are more likely to tackle an interior paint job themselves than to take the DIY route for an exterior paint job. That, plus the cost of the paint itself, means that an interior paint job is generally cheaper than an exterior one.

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