Are Smoke Detectors Allowed In Bathrooms?


Bathrooms. Smoke alarms should not be installed in a bathroom because the steam from a hot shower or bath will often trigger the alarm. The moisture can also damage the alarm over time and cause it to fail. … Any smoke alarm that is within 20 feet of a bathroom should be the photoelectric type.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can a steamy shower set off a smoke detector?

Smoke from cooking or even shower steam can sometimes set off a smoke alarm. The photoelectric sensor on the First Alert Dual Sensor Smoke Alarm is sensitive to smoldering fires while reducing false alarms.

Where do smoke alarms need to be installed in a building?

Avoid ceilings near bathrooms, heating appliances, windows and ceiling fans. The smoke alarm should be installed between each sleeping area and the remainder of the building or where a sleeping area is served by a hallway, install the alarm in the hall.

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