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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any high schools that teach martial arts?

In the United States, martial arts aren’t usually taught in high school. While some private boarding schools offer martial arts classes, most high schools stick to the conventional sports.

How much does it cost to start a martial arts school?

A martial arts school can be an expensive new business venture to set in motion, but we believe that the average cost now paid by a student per year for martial arts training is in excess of $600.

How big of a space does a martial arts school need?

We also believe that a small scale martial arts school needs very little space; with 2,000 square feet or less, you can keep rent and utilities low while providing more individualized attention to students.

Why are martial arts schools attractive to parents?

This business is also attractive to parents because they like the discipline and self-defense capability that it provides for their child; while children, in turn, are excited to practice a variety of physical skills among their peers.

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