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Frequently Asked Questions

When did Long John Silver's get their new logo?

Logo with the slogan "Surf's up! Dive in!" This logo was used during the Yum! Brands era, It is still used at some locations. On February 3, 2011, Yum! Brands made Long John Silver's independent so they launched a new logo, and a new slogan, "We Speak Fish".

When did the A & W logo come out?

1 1956-1958 2 1958-1961 3 1961-1966 4 1966-1986 5 1986–2002 6 2002-2010 7 2010-present This logo is still used at some locations. The logo was slightly modified with a slightly different font and an arrow instead of an oval. it also has a darker color tone.

When did Long John Silver's seafood shop close?

A renovated early LJS location that retains Cape Cod style structure, closed as of December 13, 2019. Long John Silver's (formerly known as Long John Silver's Seafood Shop and sometimes abbreviated as LJS) is an American chain of fast food restaurants that specializes in seafood.

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