A Landscape Of Opportunities Future Research In Shared Leadership?

Shared Leadership!!

Shared leadership builds better teams – Two Minute Tuesdays

Future of Work Is About “Shared Leadership”

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the expert on the future of leadership?

Buhle Dlamini, a global speaker, author, and future and organisational culture expert at Tomorrow Today Global, also points to institutional change, environment and ethics, and social values as significant forces, along with demographics.

What is the future of leadership in 2030?

We explore how the way professionals work is evolving, the leadership skills that will be needed within the dynamic mid-market to thrive, and how organisations can stay competitive in the war for talent and customers in 2030.

Why do business leaders need to adapt to the changing landscape?

The changing landscape means business leaders need to adapt their own skills and those of their teams if they are to both remain competitive and take advantage of new opportunities in the marketplace.

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