A Landscape Ecologist Would Be Most Likely To Study?


Which scientist—a population ecologist or a landscape ecologist—would be most likely to study broad-scale environmental issues and land management problems? Explain your answer. Ans: Landscape ecology is a subdiscipline of ecology that studies ecological processes that operate over large areas.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you need to know about landscape ecology?

Landscape ecology is a subfield of ecology that examines the patterns and interactions between communities that make up relatively large areas. At this level of ecological scale, the pattern of soil types on a landscape may have important ecological consequences.

How is landscape ecology related to spatial planning?

Landscape ecology is a broad discipline, with spatial planning at its heart, but it is much more than just mapping, as its twin concern is the time dimension of both natural and human-induced effects.

How is critical zone research different from landscape ecology?

Landscape ecology focuses on distribution and changes in the horizontal plane, whereas Critical Zone research appears to focus more on vertical distributions and changes.

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