Large landscaping stones – placement of these rocks

Naturally, large landscaping stones are always unique in shape and size making them uncommon. Experience of the designer is needed to when drawing suggestions regarding selection and placement of these rocks.

Large stones become suitable in areas where there is no scarcity of rocks since there are readily available and contain different varieties to work with.

Factors affecting large stones landscaping

The first thing to put into consideration is the fitness of the stone. The rock must be flexible enough to integrate with the geographical appearance of the home compound.

Secondly, the contractor should look for large landscaping stones that are locally available. That will reduce the minimizes the cost and time of transporting them from point A to point B.

Stone used in landscaping should also be kept in scale of the land. That helps in promoting placement as well as accessibility of the premises.

Placing and Nesting Large Stones

Due to the diversity of large landscaping stones’ nature, they require the helping rocks in order to have the desired look during landscaping. Nesting on the other hand requires an expert to plant a stone for it to appear natural within vegetation.

large landscaping stones photo - 1
large landscaping stones photo - 3
large landscaping stones photo - 6
large landscaping stones photo - 16
large landscaping stones photo - 20


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