Garden Maintenance and Restoration

The best gardens evolve over a number of years, sometimes TV can make everyone believe they can have an “instant garden”, which you can, at a cost – but for the rest of us we have to plan, develop, expand and nurture our gardens into the space we desire.

By getting the right plant in the right place, first time saves time and money.  Have your plants sourced and selected by a trained horticulturist specially for your garden and the correct individual placement of each and every plant.

From the smallest chore like pulling weeds to fall close down, mulching beds, shearing shrubs  to more complicated jobs like paver stone repairs and sealing, replacing retaining walls and redesigning shrub borders. Your landscape needs to be maintained in order for it to remain an asset to you.

I can take care of all your annual maintenance needs. Whether you are too busy or just don’t know where to start, let me deal with your landscape maintenance while you sit back and enjoy the seasons.

Each customer is unique and each has a different garden ideal.  I will tailor a maintenance program to each of my customers to ensure that your vision is realized.

Whether your garden needs a little spruce up or major renovation, or just looking after while you  summer at the cottage. With expert plant selection and placement, appropriate to your tastes and garden, I can help you improve the curb appeal and make your back yard paradise, a place you want to come home to.

Contact me to assess your property and restore the vision of your garden.

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